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Ways Shipping Containers Are Used Around College Campuses

2023/9/27 15:23:46 人评论

Ways shipping containers are used around college campuses.

There are many things that typically go into a college campus, from dormitories to classrooms to educational facilities like libraries or conference halls. But sometimes, colleges need some additional help that may not be amenable to their current building options. Fortunately, there are several ways colleges are using shipping containers around campus to help pick up the slack.

Additional Storage

Colleges often require a lot of storage space. It never hurts to have some space, whether you need to put away excess desks, sports equipment, or even janitorial supplies. Refurbished shipping containers make for excellent, sturdy, and transportable storage units that are perfect for keeping things organized. Universities may also prefer to use shipping containers for safe storage because of their unassuming external appearance and sturdy casing that makes them difficult to break into. Schools may use these units to store important documents and keep classified information safe.


One of the exciting ways shipping containers are used around college campuses is through student-driven extracurricular activities. For example, an everyday use for refurbishing shipping containers allows a school to turn them into small clubhouses. These containers make for great meeting places with couches, tables, and possibly a monitor, allowing students to meet in a safe, welcoming environment.

Event Bathrooms

Many colleges have events that take place off campus. Academic book festivals, job fairs, and sporting events are all common. Some colleges may use funds to rent portable bathrooms, but others may use shipping containers to make a transportable restroom to bring to these events. Aside from restrooms, many colleges are converting shipping containers into functional locker rooms so athletes have a place to change or relax before a big away game.

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