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How to Turn a Shipping Container into an Office

2024/2/21 14:23:35 人评论

How to turn a shipping container into an office.

Shipping container offices are growing in popularity thanks to their mobility, cost-effectiveness, and quick construction time. But how does one go from a humble container to an actual office space? We’re here to walk you through it. 

Shipping containers converted to offices are some of our most common projects here at ZSADTO. Here’s an overview of what goes into converting a shipping container into an office, as well as the extra possibilities for your project. 

These are the basic steps to transform a shipping container into an office. 

1. Select the Right Container: We typically use one-trip containers for modified workspaces. These containers are true to their name and have made only one trip from abroad, typically Asia, and therefore have minimal wear and tear.

2. Cut and Reinforce Openings: Your container office needs at least one door and a few windows. Our team will make those openings, then reinforce them with steel framing to maintain the structural integrity of the container. 

3. Framing and Insulation: Similar to a stick-built structure, shipping container offices need framing and insulation. Batt or spray foam insulation are the most common choices for our floor plans. 

4. Electrical and Climate Control: A shipping container office needs to be comfortable and usable. We’ll do electrical rough-in and finish-out for lighting and outlets, then install a PTAC unit to keep the interior comfortable in any climate.

5. Interior & Exterior Finish-Out: Your shipping container office needs a few final touches at this point. We’ll install durable flooring, paint the interior drywall, and give the exterior a fresh coat of paint.

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