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How to Pay Attention to Fire Prevention in Prefabricated House?

2024/5/10 17:11:10 人评论

How to pay attention to fire prevention in prefabricated house?

When it comes to fire prevention in prefabricated house, a series of measures need to be taken to ensure safety. Here are some key points to consider:

Use fire-retardant materials: choose building materials and decorative materials with fire-retardant properties, such as using wallboard, flooring and ceiling materials with high fire-retardant ratings. Ensure that the structure of the house and the interior decoration materials comply with the appropriate fire safety standards.

Safety of electrical wiring: The laying of electrical wiring must meet the requirements of the code, and all electrical wires should be laid openly and sleeved with flame-retardant pipe grooves to avoid exposed wires. Lamps and lanterns should keep a safe distance from the board wall and use electronic ballast-type fluorescent lamps, and it is not suitable to use coil inductive ballasts. When the electric wire passes through the colour steel sandwich panel wall, it must be set with porcelain tube or other non-combustible plastic tube.

Prohibit indiscriminate wiring: private wiring or the use of high-power electrical appliances are prone to cause fires, so the fire safety responsibility system should be seriously implemented to strengthen the user's awareness of fire safety and fire safety training.

Prohibit the use of open fire in the room: It is prohibited to use open fire in the room to cook food, burn joss sticks and candles, and prohibited to lie on the bed to smoke, and the cigarette butts should be loaded with non-combustible utensils. In addition, it is prohibited to carry out welding work in the cubicles, and if necessary, you should stay away from the cubicles to avoid sparks falling on flammable items.

Installation of fire alarm system: A reliable fire alarm system should be installed in the activity room so that fire can be detected in time and corresponding countermeasures can be taken.

Equipped with fire prevention devices and fire extinguishing equipment: the activity room must be equipped with sufficient fire extinguishers, install indoor fire hydrant, and ensure that the water flow and pressure meet the requirements. Site staff should learn the correct use of fire extinguishing equipment.

In summary, fire prevention in prefabricated house requires comprehensive consideration and implementation in various aspects such as material selection, electrical circuit safety, open flame use, fire alarm systems, and fire-fighting equipment, to ensure the safe use of prefabricated house.

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