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Safety of steel structures

2022/2/21 9:49:35 人评论

Safety of steel structures

Steel structure is relatively popular, and the effect is relatively ideal. Users have a high degree of recognition for grid engineering, but general steel structure grids still have certain safety hazards, so it is necessary to take safety measures for steel structure grids in advance.


In order to solve the fire hazard of the steel structure grid, when the temperature around the steel structure product reaches 430-540 degrees, it will cause the steel to bend, reduce the tensile strength, and reduce the bearing capacity. Therefore, product maintenance requires refractory materials. In general, it is recommended to use paint or sprinkler for fire fighting, but the overall effect is not very good. Therefore, fire protection devices should be installed around the steel structure grid.


In order to prevent the risk of buckling of the mesh frame, generally including the whole and part, the steel frame will lose its stability when it is compressed, so the support force may be affected by the change of the lightening load and the influence of the steel defect.


In order to do a good job of the corrosion of the steel structure grid, the general steel has poor corrosion resistance and is prone to corrosion conditions, resulting in a decrease in bearing capacity and relatively complicated maintenance. Taking appropriate anti-corrosion measures can produce different effects.

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