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Safety Precautions of Prefab House

2019/12/24 17:11:50 人评论

In order to ensure the safe use of prefab house and prevent collapse accident during the process of prefab house construction, you should take those following safety precautions. ①Use colored stainless steel sheets to build the steel structure prefab…


In order to ensure the safe use of prefab house and prevent collapse accident during the process of prefab house construction, you should take those following safety precautions.


Use colored stainless steel sheets to build the steel structure prefab house as they have sufficient structural strength, stiffness and stability. Choose the manufacturers who obey a strict technical standards and have strong technical force to make sure that the quality of prefab house can meet safety requirements of the construction site.


Make the construction project in advance. The manufacturer should be responsible for the installation and construction of prefab house. The users shall check whether the installation process meets the quality requirements which specified in the manufacturer's installation project.


  ③Choose a right place to build the prefab house. You need to choose an area with good advantageous geographical location and greet surrounding environment. Do not build prefab house on dangerous loosened soil such as the side of foundation pit or river. Keep away from  tornado-prone and open areas. The front of prefab house should avoid facing the wind directly.


The height of prefab house should be two floors. It shall be filed with the safety supervision department.


Construction personnel should wear a hard hat and fasten its straps before entering the site. Buckle up the safety belts and buckle before suspending operation. All staffs must abide by the six disciplines of safety production and do well in security guarantee of their own life,


It is correct to require the leasing or selling company of prefab house to issue the product quality certificate after the construction is completed, as the prefab house is also a kind of product. Every product needs a product quality certificate. Otherwise, the government supervision department or fire management department will also ask for the certificate in the following inspection and acceptance,


 We are a prefab house supplier. We can ensure product quality and escort your safety.

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