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The development trend of steel structure

2022/6/1 8:59:07 人评论

The development trend of steel structure

1.    The steel structure uses a high-quality substrate, and the requirements for the surface, shape and dimensional accuracy of the substrate are getting higher and higher.

2.    Steel structure Improve the pretreatment process and pretreatment liquid, the number of equipment is small, the cost is low, and it has become the mainstream process, and the stability, corrosion resistance and environmental protection performance of the pretreatment liquid are continuously improved.

3.    Pay attention to the development of new coatings, improve general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastisol to obtain super color reproducibility, anti-ultraviolet, anti-sulfur dioxide, and improve corrosion resistance; develop pollution resistance, heat absorption, etc. Functional coatings.

4.    The equipment of steel structure unit is more perfect. Such as the use of new welding machines, new roller coaters, perfect curing furnaces, and advanced automation instruments.

5.    Because the cost of cold embossing is lower than that of hot embossing, and the steel structure has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, three-dimensional effect and high strength, cold embossing production technology has become a development trend.

6.    Pays attention to the diversification, functionalization and high-grade of products, such as deep-drawing color-coated boards, "pomelo peel" color-coated boards, anti-static color-coated boards, pollution-resistant color-coated boards, high heat-absorbing color-coated boards, etc. .

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