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Types of Steel Structures in the Form of Buildings

2022/7/15 15:28:59 人评论

Types of steel structures in the form of buildings.

There are many different examples of steel structures that we’ve provided above – and all of them can be split into four main types of structures. Each of these structures has its own approach to building and only works for specific types of steel structure constructions. As such, these four steel structure design types are:

Portal frame. The most common type of light steel structure, a portal frame is a widely popular type of steel structure that relies only on section steel, steel pipes, and C/Z steel to withstand the force of the entire structure. It is often used for many different building types, be it industrial, agricultural, institutional, or commercial – although, the most popular example might just be the regular warehouse-hangar that is a common occurrence for many different countries all over the world.

Steel grid. Generally speaking, a grid is a spatial structure that is comprised of multiple rods connected to each other in a specific form. There are many grid types out there, and many different standards for them, as well. They are highly rigid and provide extensive seismic resistance, which makes them perfect for hangars, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, and so on.

Steel building frame. Another popular structure type that is mostly used for various multi-story buildings is the steel building frame, which consists of columns and beams that form structures capable of withstanding both vertical and horizontal pressure. A common choice for high-rise buildings, commercial offices, conference buildings, and so on.

Steel truss. The truss structure is made of multiple rods that are hinged at each end of a rod. It requires less steel than regular steel structures, weighs less, and can withstand more force – which is why it’s often used for bridges, roofs, tower corridors, TV towers, oil platforms, and so on.

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