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  • Superiorities of Steel Structure Carports and Canopies

    Steel structure canopies are usually build as aisles to connect two adjacent buildings. At times, they are also used above the buildings doorways or balconies on top to keep the rain off, increase usable area or prevent falling object. Steel structur…

    2019/12/27 15:40:11 人评论 次浏览
  • Safety Precautions of Prefab House

    In order to ensure the safe use of prefab house and prevent collapse accident during the process of prefab house construction, you should take those following safety precautions. ①Use colored stainless steel sheets to build the steel structure prefab…

    2019/12/24 17:11:50 人评论 次浏览
  • How to Strictly Guarantee the Material Quality of Prefab House

    Materials shall be checked and accepted in accordance with specifications and product quality requirements. These standards are as follows: The prefab house’s material approaching acceptance should pass strict inspection process. Any Jerry-built and …

    2019/12/20 13:49:41 人评论 次浏览
  • Need to Watch Out These Issues During the Process of steel structure building in Winter

    With the development of urbanization, there comes more and more steel structure building tasks, accompanied by the inevitable problem of the increasingly long construction time. Workers often have to work in the rainy days in order to keep pace and gi…

    2019/12/18 13:33:13 人评论 次浏览
  • The Production Process of Prefab House Mold

    Our editor have already introduce the concept of prefab house. In this case, Changsha ZSADTO Prefab House Cp., Ltd, a professional prefab house manufacture, will reveal the production process of prefabricated house mold for you. Prefab houses have the…

    2019/12/13 16:43:43 人评论 次浏览
  • What is the Prefab House?

    Prefab house is short for prefabricated house, which use prefabricated part as major components. These concrete unit is produced through design, mould making, forming, baking, ex-factory assembly and linking. The notion of “Prefabricated concrete str…

    2019/12/10 14:52:45 人评论 次浏览
  • Advantages of Structural Steel Structures

    ​Today, practically all industries have major applications of structural steel. From industry equipment to finished products, structural steel is used everywhere.

    2019/11/5 17:33:28 人评论 次浏览
  • Common Applications of Structural Steel

    The term structural steel can cover a wide range of different steel products, and they can be used in the construction, offshore, and shipbuilding industries.

    2019/11/5 17:24:05 人评论 次浏览

    Prefabrication is a relatively new way to build structures, and like a lot of new things, you’ll hear mixed opinions about it. What people don’t like about it varies.

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    Prefab houses are environmentally friendly, of good quality and ideal for people on a limited budget or want a house that will not take months or even years to finish.

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